“This is my son, the Beloved…”

Matthew 3:17

This coming Sunday we will be exploring what happened when Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan river. We’ll not only recall the details we can see, but also those that lie beneath the surface.

The truth about the life of faith is that there is always more happening than what is obviously visible. Not only are all of us paddling like crazy below the water as ducks do, but God is also always moving in more ways than we can imagine.

Because ultimately our faith is not about us. Or, at least, not just about us. It is also, and far more importantly, about what God is doing.

The life of faith is not a lake that exists forever in one place – something that happens and stops. It is a river that moves and cascades and shapes all around it into a new creation. God is always pushing, prodding, expanding our minds, opening our hearts, and extending our hands.

So come to the river with us this weekend and see what you might find.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

Photo Credit: Savannah Fraser

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