In God we live and move and have our being.

Acts 17:28

This weekend’s lectionary readings includes this verse from the Acts of the Apostles. It comes from a scene where the disciples have discovered a shrine to an “unknown God” and believe that the people there were already worshipping the God of Israel and Christ. In the midst of their explanation comes this very famous verse.

There are few other pieces of scripture that describe our relationship with God so well. That relationship is meant to be all we are, for God is always moving within us.

Because the divine image in which we were created, it should be no surprise that for many in this world, they know they are seeking after God, even if they do not know God’s name. On some level, all of us have likely experienced this sensation because our God is so much bigger than any name we can give.

There is mystery there. Power beyond knowing. Love bigger than any possible understanding. We can never know all of who God is in this life.

Yet, we can feel that God is at work within us. Even if we do not fully comprehend who God is, nor the precise actions God is accomplishing in us, we can sense that there is new life being breathed into our very bones.

A child of God is who we were made to be – fully known by God and fully knowing God.

We are already fully known by God, but God desires us to know who God is, too. That is what we are to seek after: through prayer and meditation, service to our neighbors and families, growing in love. Everything we do can be used to pursue that purpose. And that is the ultimate goal.

It is not an easy one to attain, but as you will hear in our sermon this weekend, we are not alone in our pursuit.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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