So we have finally had a chance to come together in worship for the first time in thirteen weeks. This past Sunday saw people returning to our beloved house of worship. Though we sat far apart and did things pretty differently, there were still moments in worship when it felt like any other Sunday.

Why? Because God was there – binding our hearts together.

This summer we are going to be undertaking a special study in worship (in addition to all the precautions). We are going to be looking at the Lord’s Prayer. Line by line.

We are doing this because when we know any set of words so well, we often repeat them easily and forget what we are actually saying. And when it comes to prayer, we should definitely understand the words we speak.

So, whether you join us on Facebook Live (we’re working through the issues) or will be joining us in person, all masked up, we look forward to exploring this central prayer together. There is much to learn (and yes, I will even answer the age old question of debtors, trespasses, or sins).

Come one, come all, and see what insights God will bring to light.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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