Fun fact: there are two different versions of the Lord’s Prayer.

Unlike our creeds and confessions that were based on scripture and written by believers in the centuries following Christ, this prayer that we say every single week (hopefully every single day) is actually a passage of scripture.

In fact, it is two passages of scripture. One in Matthew. One in Luke.

Both times, Jesus is teaching his disciples how to pray. Which means he was teaching his disciples how to live their faith, too.

The two versions of the prayer are quite similar, with obvious overlaps. And yet, they are distinctly different.

Luke’s version is short. Succinct. Keeps focus on only a handful of key elements.

Matthew’s version is closer to the one we are used to. It is more fluid and poetic. And though it is missing the last phrase we say every recitation, the lines still hold the understandings we think we know.

Both passages of scripture have something to teach us. Which is why we are taking time to study both this summer during our sermon series.

We are going line by line to discover what precisely Jesus was trying to teach us when he gave us this prayer.

This weekend we will use the Lucan version of the prayer as we dive deep into the meaning of the second line – hallowed be your name.

We hope to see you, in person or on facebook, as we continue in this journey together.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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