This week is our Virtual Vacation Bible School here at FPCH. And we have been having so much fun and learning so much. We can’t wait to share some of what we’ve been doing with you all on Sunday.

We’ve been studying the parable of the sower from the gospel of Mark. What we’ve learned is that the seed is God’s love – the living Word of God in Christ. Sometimes God’s love falls on people who give up quickly. Sometimes it comes to those who refuse to pay attention to their roots. Sometimes it is thrown into people whose lives are full of challenges. And still other times it falls into open hearts.

The good news is that God’s love is still there, no matter which kind of soil you may be right now. And God’s love is the sturdy root we all need to get us through this life.

If we can successfully teach our children that God loves them no matter what – our week will have been a success.

So pray for all of us who are taking part this week and pray that the seeds God is planting in our hearts will grow and grow and grow in the future.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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