One of my favorite songs in college had this line in this chorus: and the world spins madly on.

That is our world right now, isn’t it? The pandemic we have been fighting for months has not only not ebbed, but is now picking up speed again. We’re facing difficult decisions about how to best serve our children in terms of their emotional and physical needs. We’re trying to remember everyone who is being effected and endangered in their places of work. And there are many social justice issues that are in the open and being addressed from every side.

And then you find out that your pastor’s husband has been fighting sepsis for months and was less than 48 hours from dying last week.

Our world is spinning madly, to be sure.

But here is the hope and good news I can offer: God is still here. The Holy Spirit is working among us and through us to see the kingdom thrive. And Christ walks with us as we face these unprecedented challenges – even all at once.

So always remember this: however the world spins, however the floor falls, however the walls come crumbling down – we are not alone. We are loved more than we can imagine. And God will get us through this.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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