We have come to a sort of crossroads for our congregation. We have been open for in-person worship, but felt the need to close again due to our Presbytery’s guidelines. As we do, however, we are continuing to pursue ways to expand our ministry together – even at a distance.

One such plan involves Communion for this coming weekend. Since we are unable to gather in person, we are going to set up an opportunity for you to come and get your Communion supplies before Sunday morning so that we may all partake of the one bread and one cup together.

The Lord’s Supper is an essential and central practice in our relationship with God. It is “food for the journey,” so to speak: giving us strength and reminding us of Christ’s constant presence. And since this current journey we are on is taking many twists and turns, there is no more important time for us to share in Christ’s table. It is meant to be shared together, as one – and this plan will make that a possibility when worship will be held on-line.

On Saturday, August 1, we will have a drive-thru to pick up supplies and instructions from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in our rear driveway. It will be a one-way road and the only entrance will be from Penn Street. We hope that many of you will take this opportunity to join together in this feast.

If you are unable to come through during that time and need Communion delivered to you, we have two elders who are ready and willing to do so on Friday and Saturday. Their phone numbers are in our mid-week email for your convenience.

Remember, we are the body of Christ on earth – fed from the table and sent into the world to serve. Together.

We look forward to this new and special feast as we continue down this brave new road.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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