The world has changed. Or at least my world has changed. What started as a surgery that should have been a chance for a new life ended in tragedy. And yet, the world spins madly on. More importantly, we know that for my beloved husband – his pain is ended and he has rejoined our first set of twins, his mother, my mother, my dad, my father, and all of our families who have already gone to their eternal rest in the everlasting arms.

This weekend we will celebrate All Saints on the actual day of the feast of All Saints. Our Catholic brethren hold this day in esteem only for those who have proven themselves special through miracles and other unique witness. However, for Protestants, we believe that all Christ’s followers are saints. Anyone who loves our Lord is a member of what we call the “Communion of Saints.” It is a holy presence and tangible cloud of witnesses that surrounds us during every step we take in this life. They cheer us on and guide us along the way. They watch over us and are united to us in Christ – for we are all one in him. And that is what we will celebrate on Sunday. 

In preparation for what is one of my favorite liturgical days, I invite you to recall all those who have helped you grow your faith – not only those who have gone on to the Church Triumphant, but also those still walking this world. Gather them gently in your mind so that you can give thanks on Sunday for all those saints who have been a part of the journey that God has used to make you who you are today. 
In addition, especially if you will be joining us in worship from home or afar, be sure to have a candle with you. We will provide them for everyone who comes in person on Sunday, but want to be sure that all who worship in-person or in spirit are able to participate fully.

Lastly, once we have celebrated the Communion of Saints on Sunday, and before you prepare for the big holiday season later in the month, take a moment on Monday to learn a bit more about what has become one of my favorite holidays from another part of the world: Dia De Los Muertos. Our neighbors to the south celebrate it on November 2nd and it is in no way morbid. It is about giving thanks for the ones we love who have already gone on and hoping that they will be near. For many of us, that is a celebration that is certainly worth joining in.

As we continue on this month and head towards what will prove to be a holiday season unlike any other, I encourage you to show grace, show gratitude, and show love in all ways that you are able.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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