This weekend we will be premiering our annual Children’s Nativity Play. This year it looks a little different than usual. Given the global pandemic, we moved the entire thing to Zoom. However, we took this change not as a setback but as an opportunity. Nineteen of our children have been hard at work this past week recording this re-telling of the classic story of Christ’s birth. So we hope everyone will get excited as we continue to move closer and closer to Bethlehem and Christmas Eve next week.

I know everyone is tired. I know everyone is weary and worn. It has been a very long year. Everything has been topsy turvy since March, or earlier. And things only seem to be getting crazier as the year progresses.

If anyone knows this, it is your pastor who has lost her mother-in-law, her husband (who had already almost died once this year over the summer), and now her last remaining grandparent over the weekend.

Trust me, I understand. I’m not one of those young pastors who really doesn’t get it. I do get it – in spades.

What we all need right now is for everyone to show as much grace as is humanly possible.

Try to remember that we are all trying as hard as we can. Many of us are barely making it by the skin of our teeth. We are trying to make this season special for each other. Some days are easier than others. And some days are downright near impossible to get out of bed.

Joy was a bit of an ironic candle this past Sunday, I must say. But I do believe that someone knew what they were doing when naming the candles because they saved the most important and very best for last.

This weekend we will light the love candle. At the end of the day, it is all about love. At the end of the day, at the end of the year, even years like this, the hope is that we are all in this together. Love is what should be left when all else fails, because love never will.

So, come to worship, in person or online. See the wonder of what our children have accomplished. Show grace every way you can. And know that no matter what may happen you are loved more than you can imagine.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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