This weekend we are jumping back into our lectionary gospel of Mark with both feet.

We begin with the call of Jesus’ first disciples by the Sea of Galilee. A relatively famous story, it ends with him telling these, likely young, men that they will become “fishers of humans.”

Now, I do not think that our Lord was suggesting that we lure people in, whatever way we can – hook, line and sinker. However, I do believe that reexamining our call as Christ’s disciples is always worth at least a few moments of our time.

Can you remember a period in your life when you truly felt Christ’s call? A time when it felt sure? Perhaps there was even an easiness to your confidence…

For me, that time was during my second year of college. All seemed right with the world and walking with God was simple. I loved diving deep into the scriptures as I read chapter after chapter for hours on end. I adored singing praise songs in worship three times a week. And even now, there are times that I miss those straightforward days.

But the honest truth is that life, real life is what happens in the valleys of life – not on the mountaintops like my college days so long ago. Real life is messy and muddy. And faith will always be tested, because life in this world is not easy. Not by a long stretch.

The good news is that the same God who walks with us as we enjoy the wonders of our mountaintop faith experiences is the same God who holds us close as we can barely breathe at times during this earthly journey. Christ never leaves. Jesus is always there.

Our discipleship is the ways that we awake to God’s presence and choose to follow the loving prodding, shaping, molding, nudging that is happening day after day as we are ever more being molded into the image of Christ.

God will never leave us. That is a promise we can rest assured in. The question we must ask ourselves is: how ready are we to commit ourselves to God?

See you in worship!

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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