This weekend we will be continuing on in the gospel of Mark, following Jesus into his early teaching days in the synagogue. In our encounter on Sunday, which follows directly after last weekend’s call of the disciples, we will see him cast out a demon who knows who he really is. And Jesus rebukes him.

Nevertheless, the thing the people cannot get over is that he is doing everything, teaching and healing, as one with “authority.”

Now, authority is a word that makes us all very nervous, doesn’t it?

When we hear that word, many of us worry that we are going to see someone “Lording it over us,” as some of our Hebrew texts say. However, that is not what Jesus or God has ever been about. It is not about dominance. It is not about earthly power. The authority Jesus wields is about something else entirely.

And what that is is something that you’re going to have to come (or watch) on Sunday to find out…

What I will tell you is this, the way that Jesus wields power is the same way we are intended to. And it is not the way the world tells us to. It requires an entirely new way of seeing things and being in the world.

So, stay warm, be safe, and we’ll see you soon.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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