Is this the fast that I choose…

How are you preparing your heart this Lenten season?

Every year, we find ourselves once again on this forty-day journey through the wilderness, making our way slowly toward Jerusalem. We know what is coming during Holy Week. We can see Golgotha’s shadow looming on the horizon and feel the tomb’s cold even now in our bones. And so we prepare ourselves.

But how?

There are many traditional ways to do so. However, after a year of loss after loss, somehow giving up yet another thing seems to miss the mark.

What is more, if we study what the scriptures truly say about how God wants us to follow in God’s path, in Christ’s own footsteps – the path generally does not look the way we have often thought.

So, instead of focusing on what you will give up this Lent to prepare, I suggest you choose instead to follow in the true way of Christ, which is to give love for Lent. Every moment. Every chance. Every breath. No matter how small the deed may seem. No matter how large or reckless your opportunity may be. Give love.

For ultimately, that is what the story of Holy Week is all about: a love greater than any the world can comprehend.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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