This week we reach the half-way point through our Lenten journey. And what have we learned?

Generally that everything we thought we knew probably means something a little bit different. Whether it is fasting, taking up our crosses, or WWJD, what we have found together over these recent weeks is that quite often the world has misconstrued these concepts, at least a bit.

So what is the big takeaway?

Well, perhaps this is the best place to start: when all else fails, ask yourself, does this look like what Love would do? Or more simply put, what would Love do?

What the world often gets mixed up is to put anything and everything before Christ’s essential message – love that will give anything and everything for another. Even the scriptures have been known to get that a bit mixed up, which is why everything we do, say, read, and even think should be tested through this one single lens: the love of Christ.

So again, the biggest thing we should learn from this Lenten season, if we remember nothing else, is that if we are ever confused or questioning something in our lives, or if we are unsure what to do next, just ask yourself: What would Love do?

Because, my friends, #LoveforLent is not just about what we can give. It is also about growing deeper into our relationship with our God, who is Love itself. Do that, and you are not only half-way through this season, but you will also be more than half-way onto the road of your walk of faith.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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