Spring is upon us!!!

Part of me is not really certain how that happened. And the weather this week seems to be wavering a bit – meaning that our Easter weekend may very well be a bit chillier than some of our spring outfits would prefer. 

Nevertheless, the world is coming to life all around us as the trees and plants shake off their winter style and prepare to do something new. Even the larger world seems to be coming to life as more and more people are gaining access to vaccinations, moving us closer and closer to business as usual. There is an excitement and anticipation to this time. And in so many ways it is a wonder to behold.

This coming Sunday is Easter Sunday – the Resurrection Day itself. We will shout Alleluia! We will adorn the sanctuary with lilies and brightly colored tulips and flowers. We will have special music and even share the Lord’s Supper together. And as we examine Mark’s resurrection account, we will find some very peculiar notes there, largely because it’s Mark. That should say enough. 

However, here is a central piece of what Easter teaches us, especially when we examine it through this particular gospel’s lens: Easter is not an ending. It is only the beginning. 

We are all living in a brave new world. The truth is that we can never go back to the way things were before the pandemic. Yes, we will one day be able to live without mitigation measures (Alleluia and Amen whenever that day finally arrives). Still, we are all forever changed by what we have experienced together. We cannot go through such a time without transformation. What is more, many of those metamorphoses are for the better. We have learned. We have grown. And there is much we know now that will be helpful wisdom for the future.

All this to say, remember that even when we get to the end of the story, like we will Sunday morning, like we will in several months (God-willing) with mitigation measures being lifted, even at the end – remember that though one thing may be finishing, your story and God’s story is not. Not even close.
The next chapter is only just beginning. Oh what wonders wait for us there…

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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