Life keeps moving…

If you have ever experienced some sort of major life event, then you know the odd sensation that often occurs the following day when one realizes that while your world has changed forever, the remainder of the world continues to spin madly on as though nothing has happened. Why? Because life always finds a way forward. Life does not stop, even when we feel as though it should.

Life keeps moving…

Even over the last twenty-five months, as many parts of our world, our country, and our community have had to close or drastically alter their plan of action, even when all of us were tucked safely at home – life found a way. Do you remember the people singing from their balconies and open windows? Do you remember the kindness of neighbors ensuring that others had groceries and medicine when it was unsafe for them to go out? Do you remember the ways we bent over backwards to support our neighbors who were in danger of losing their businesses or their housing or needed some other basic need? Life still happened even when the world seemed to stop.

Life keeps moving…

And now we come to a place where we are soooooo close to being able to return to some semblance of our old routine. However there is something in that sentence that should give us pause: the word return. Generations that have gone before us, in scripture and in world history, would remind us that there is no going back. The world truly has changed this time. For this not happen to only one person or one family, but to our whole human family.

So yes, the days are surely coming when we will rip the masks from our faces and embrace all of our neighbors in the joyful relief of safety from this plague. What a blessed day that will be. Yet we should consider that when that day comes it will not be a step into the past, but a bold step into the future. Because…

Life keeps moving…

And here is why: at the very root of our God’s name, Y*HW*H, is the word for life. For existence. For being. It is not just that life moves all around us, but that Life moves. God moves, always working in our midst to bring new things, good things, beautiful things into a world that would otherwise seem drowned in shadows.

Life still finds a way. Life always finds a way forward. Life does not stop. Life keeps moving. And that is our hope no matter what may come.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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