So the #summersermonseries continues: now we really get into the thick of it!

We have managed to wrap our heads around the first table or tablet of the law – those first four commandments that help us to better grow in our relationship with God.

But this past weekend we moved into the second table, which bears six commandments. These all having to do with how we are to relate with one another. And as we learned last weekend, sometimes they need to be turned on their head for us to really understand what they mean.

God began with our beginning. With those who raise us. Reminding us that we are to honor those who do.

However, we must also remember that this was never a blanket carte blanche for parents enjoy a reign of terror over their children. The fifth commandment is and always has been an opportunity for parents to create an environment of mutual love and respect. Teaching children by example to be the loving, kind, honest, healthy, fun, and service-minded adults that God has always intended us to be.

Then, somehow mimicking Genesis, we go directly from the blissful picture of Eden, or us in our parents arms, to what immediately happened next. Anyone remember that part of the story?

Right after our primordial parents got kicked out of the garden, their kids started trying to kill each other. And one managed to do it. His blood cried out to God from the very dust of the ground.

Because if love comes first, life is certainly its sacred counterpart.

So we are going to talk about what murder actually means. What Jesus said it meant – because, as usual, he expanded the definition. And how this commandment helps to determine the way we are meant to live our life.

Then things get really interesting next week… See you in worship!

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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