We are nearing the end of our #summersermonseries, which is difficult to believe. It seems only yesterday we were beginning with the first commandment and now, this weekend, we will be looking at the ninth.

Oh how far we have come on this wilderness journey together. It has truly been a summer of learning!

First, we studied the first four commandments that are meant to grow our relationship with God. We found that they are all deeply connected to one another. Really quite intertwined and overlapping. Truthfully, the first three are simply the same commandment restated in different ways. The fourth, then, is a gift from God meant to give us space to reconnect with God’s creative process.

After learning more about how to cultivate our bond with God, we then turned to the second tablet which covers how we are meant to live with one another. Because from the very beginning of the covenant, God has always known that we need one another to survive and thrive in this world.

What has been interesting to find, however, is that just about every one of these second set of commandments have not meant precisely what we were expecting. A commandment seemingly for children is far more about parents giving them something worth honoring. Then, we found that the greatest murders we commit in this life are the ways we let hatred fester in our hearts. The commandment about disloyalty has far more to do with us taking all of our vows seriously, never entering into them lightly, and remembering that we were made for healthy, loving relationships. Then we found that there are far more ways we can loot someone’s existence than to simply take away their personal property.

This weekend we come to the commandment about lying. Turns out, it’s a doozy of a sort, too. Because lies are everywhere – whether we realize it or not. We are constantly bombarded with information and misinformation. Many of the lies are deceptively disguised. So, we should be on our guard.

But not to worry! We will sort out lying and coveting before we are done. And then we will come back and look at the commandments all together, one last time before we put them away as school starts.

So, now, everyone ready for the final exam?

Just kidding. But I will see you in worship this weekend!

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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