This weekend we will be spending one last Sunday with the Ten Commandments. Rather than to end with number ten itself, we will look at the full body of the tablets and also look at what Jesus said about the cannon as a whole.


Well, for quite a few reasons, most of which I will name on Sunday. However, key among them is that like most things, Jesus cared far more about the heart of what they said as a whole, rather than about any one individually. (That’s not to say he didn’t do some very interesting things with some of these mandates on their own, though.)

We need to remember that for Jesus it was always about one key thing: love. Love of God. Love of ourselves. Love of others. If anything breaks that mandate, then something is wrong.

If you think back to the beginning, the commandments themselves were originally written as laws of love by God. However, they were nearly immediately twisted out of joint and that message got lost quite quickly.

Christ wanted to bring us back to the center.

So, before we move into the fall, to see all the fun sayings of Jesus that the Gospel of Mark has to offer us (and oh yeah, some of them are doozies), we are going to take one last look at what we can learn from our #summersermonseries. See you Sunday!

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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