This weekend, we begin a mini-series on a very familiar section of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. Next week’s portion will cover everyone’s favorite wedding passage. However, this week’s piece is no less important.

Sunday’s verses give one of the key answers to the question: why are the followers of Christ so counter-cultural?

Our world prizes the strong. The beautiful. The powerful. The wealthy. The perfect. Always has. Likely always will.

However, those are not the things that our God prizes. From the beginning, God has displayed an unabashed temerity in choosing to ally Godself with the weak. The unwanted. The merciful. The poor. The gracious and faithful. Always has. Always will.

And our passage this weekend is Paul’s commendation to the church to do just that. In his treatise on the body of Christ, Paul reminds the church that we cannot be without our weakest or most unwanted or perhaps we should say most unlikely members. They are to be given even greater honor. For that is how God does it and therefore how we are to do it. We are always stronger together. For that is how Christ changes the world – through us, all of us as one.

Just a few things to ponder before we meet again.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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