This weekend we are journeying home with Jesus to Nazareth. In fact, we are going to his home family of faith. For weekly worship. Just imagine how proud they must all be to hear this son of their own synagogue who is making a name for himself.

What? They’re surprised to see him in this role? They still see him as a little boy? They try to push him off a cliff?!?

Yeah… Things don’t go overly well for our Messiah when he goes home. Nevertheless, we do get to hear the center of his call recited from the prophet Isaiah. That is always worth reading again.

More importantly, here is the part of the story that many of us like to forget: when we really start understanding the message of Christ, and more than that, when we really start following it – people can get really, really, really uncomfortable.

Maybe they won’t automatically shove us off of high places right away. However, they might start shunning us. Or shaming us into thinking we’re doing something wrong for caring about people. Or perhaps they’ll simply kick us out of house and home for living into a life we are meant to live.

You see, worrying about the vulnerable and the oppressed, the poor and the outcast, the overlooked and the undervalued – or even more importantly, seeking them out, including them, empowering them, truly loving them – that challenges the world’s value system. It pushes the status quo. It changes the dynamic and that can be quite scary for people.

Yet that is precisely what Christ was called to do. And did. And it is what we are called and meant to do, too.

See you in worship!

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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