From Episode VI

This weekend is what I lovingly refer to as “Star Wars Sunday”! Just kidding. Though I have been known to consistently make the joke that “Jesus transfigured before Star Wars made it cool” (see the picture for the explanation).

It is, in fact, Transfiguration Sunday. The final Sunday before the season of Lent begins. It is the day we remember that Jesus went up onto a mountain with some of his disciples and was there transformed before them into a figure in all white and they got to see not only him, but also Moses and Elijah. Pretty cool stuff.

And then, the disciples being the disciples, completely misunderstood the point of the exercise. They tried to put Jesus in a box on said mountain and keep him there looking all nice and shiny. Not what God had in mind.

You see, while we are meant to have moments of revelation that remind us of just how incredible our God truly is, they are not meant to hold us forever. Instead, they are meant to inspire us for our daily lives.

As many wise preachers have reminded us, our lives are not meant to be lived on mountaintops.

So, as we prepare our hearts and minds to move into one of the most important seasons of the church year, come to church to see God put on a real show – and find out why even the best in crazy pyrotechnics are not meant to last.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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