It’s finally spring (or at least we can pray the weather will hold… again). A season of rebirth, we can enjoy the wonders of the sunshine and the great outdoors at long last. 

At church it is Eastertide – those fifty days between Easter morning and Pentecost when we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and ascension. It is the season of rebirth, as it were. Of renewal. Of new beginnings. 

Even as our school year draws to a close, we know that students completing one stage will move on to the next in the Fall. Or, for our graduates, we know that they are entering a completely new stage of life. 

As our song on Easter morning sang, In our end is our beginning…

Entering into spring, and the summer that will come swiftly after, we have the opportunity to look for the ways that God’s new life is emerging all around us. Not only in nature, but also in one another. In ourselves.

Where is God bringing something new? Are you ready to welcome it with open arms?

New life is all around us. It’s there to revel in if you are ready.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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