Last weekend we began a special sermon series on Jesus’s final sermon in the gospel of John.

We started by remembering that Christ is God’s Word from eternity made flesh, who reveals God’s own self to us. Jesus then flipped the ancient understanding of how we access God on its head – rather than through the law, as Moses had taught, now Christ himself is the way we get to God. The lens through which we see the world. And if we have seen God and have access to God through Jesus, then we are meant to live as Jesus did: in that same mode of radical and reckless love.

This week, we will really get into the thick of it. Jesus turns to how they will survive once he is gone. How they will continue. How they will be guided.

Key piece here: they will not be alone.

Jesus reminds them that he is not leaving them orphaned. He will be with them through God’s Spirit – the One who walks alongside.

In other words, there is still more ahead of them.

Which begs the question: can we trust that there is still more ahead of us?

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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