This weekend we will be diving into our third fruit of the Spirit: patience.

Now, this is a well-known and often espoused virtue. We all have said it to adults and children alike whenever someone seems to be chomping at the bit. And Lord knows that we live in a culture of instant gratification – where we can have almost any need cared for in a matter of moments.

Learning to wait is a hard task for all of us. A necessary one, too. For there will be times in life when there will be absolutely no other way.

Test results. A response to a difficult question. An answer that may never come.

We all remember what it was like to wait for a time when it was safe to move freely again while scientists and doctors worked franticly on vaccines. Trying to keep our neighbors safe. Trying times to be sure.

Waiting is simply a fact of life. Patience is a necessity.

However, there are times when patience has been abused. When people have been told to wait for things that should have been theirs to begin with: Freedom. Basic human rights. Self-determination. Equality. Equity.

When these most simple facets of life are denied and righteous outrage is met with the response of “have patience,” something is very wrong. And God is not pleased. There are countless stories in the Biblical witness to back this up.

So come to worship this weekend as we look together at what God designed patience for and when God desires that we should no longer have it.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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