This weekend’s fruit gets us into a bit of a debated translation – ooooo.

Our word for the week is ἀγαθωσύνη. And since I know everyone is up on their Greek alphabet, I’m sure you can read it (hehe). It says, agathosune.

The word is only used four times in the New Testament, all in Paul’s letters. What is more, it is never used in secular Greek. Meaning that Paul himself may have partially developed or created the word – the same way that Cicero was known to do.

Coming from the Greek word agathos, which means both good and generous and is used by Jesus and throughout the Greek world, our fruit is usually translated either goodness or generosity. It can also mean kindness, beneficence, and an uprightness of heart. Meaning that what we are getting at here is a heart matter.

All of the fruit of the Spirit come as gifts from God. They are an outpouring of what God has so generously given to us. In essence, as God’s love is poured into our hearts, there is nowhere else for it to go but back out. For yes, there are wounds and brokenhearted pieces within all of us that need God’s healing touch, to be sure. Nevertheless, God’s love is so overwhelming and all-encompassing that there is more than enough for us to have God’s light continue to work within as well as to shine beyond us.

This is what Paul is getting at with our fruit for this weekend. Goodness is not an end unto itself. It is a heart that gladly shares all it has, overflowing with the love that God has so generously given to us.

What that will that look like for you?

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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