We are far past our half-way point in our #summersermonseries, my friends. And this weekend, we get to one of the most abused “fruits” of them all: gentleness.

Sometimes translated as meekness, this particular fruit has been used to keep those who have been traditionally subjugated in their “place.” It has been connected to a vision of Jesus that is mild and tame – and in no way in keeping with what he actually said or did.

Now every fruit we have looked at has had a cognate, a word to describe it in Biblical Hebrew. For peace it is shalom. For kindness it is chesed. For faithfulness it is aman. Etc. But there is no word for meekness or gentleness in Biblical Hebrew.

It is only when we look deeper into the meaning of the Greek that we can find any sort of explanation of how God has been moving from the beginning with some form of gentleness – for lest we forget, these fruit are always tied to God’s own character and actions. And our God is anything but meek.

Come to worship this weekend and learn what it means to pursue gentleness in a world that revolves around control.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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