Well, Fall is nearly upon us. School is less than two weeks away. And this weekend we will celebrate one of the most important Sundays of the entire church year.

No, this one isn’t on the liturgical calendar (for those who are keeping track at home). The exact date is not precisely set and therefore it moves slightly each year. However, it does have proper liturgical color: red.

This weekend we will ordain and install all of our new Ruling Elders and Deacons who will join our Session and Diaconate. For Presbyterians, Ordination is not a Sacrament, for Jesus did not institute it. Rather, we believe it is a way to bless those we understand that God has specially called and chosen through the voice of the people for a specific purpose.

In the case of the Ruling Elders, it is to join with Ministers of Word and Sacrament (Teaching Elders) in the governance of the church at all levels – most commonly Session. For our Deacons, it is to take part in the ministries of care and compassion of the church as servant leaders have done since the very earliest times of Christ’s body on earth.

The third anniversary of my own Installation as your Pastor was just this past week, marking another milestone in our walk together.

This weekend is a time to celebrate the varied skills and gifts that God has given us in this and and place to serve the world God so loves. It is a joy to behold. Even better, it is just a glimpse of the festive occasion to be had when we pass our 235 anniversary as a congregation next year.

So, join us this weekend as we recommit ourselves to God’s call for all of our lives in this time and in this place.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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