The time has come: the scent of freshly sharpened pencils fills the air, along with new sneakers and brand new college-ruled notebooks. School starts next week! And with it a whole new year of learning, growing, and a world full of wonderful eye-opening experiences lie in store.

At church this weekend, we will be taking time in worship to both celebrate the incredible gift that education is and to pray for all of those in our community who are connected to our schools at every level. God granted humans with beautiful minds that can explore and discover the vast universe full of incredible things beyond our imagining. And even better, God gave us one another to share in the joy as we experience everything. So much to give thanks for!

Once worship is over in the morning, we hope everyone will come back in the evening as we live into George Banks’s classic words: “It’s time to party!” The Peach Festival returns at 6 o’clock to the Walnut Lawn (or Smith if it rains) with food, games, music, a bouncy castle, and lots and lots of peaches and ice cream!!!

It should be a fabulously fun day for our congregation – we hope you will be able to join us for all the merriment!

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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