This weekend we will be returning to our “regularly scheduled programing” in the midst of the gospel of Luke. Jesus is heading to a special dinner that one of the Pharisees is putting on for him. But are they really ready for everything that entails?

I’m sure the disciples are thinking precisely what modern-day lawyers have been known to say to their clients on occasion, “you talk too much, you worry me to death,” because the moment Jesus walks into the house, he immediately opens his mouth. Not just that, but he offers commentary on the ways everyone’s actions are off the mark. And to top that off, he insults his host and their guests within two paragraphs.


Well, because the Kingdom of God is not about the way the world works. It does not support a status quo that keeps the powerful on high and the meek down low. God’s Kingdom will not accept when someone pushes an agenda that is starkly against God’s own (which will always stand with the poor, lowly, outcast, and oppressed). And whether religious folk like the Pharisees are ready to see it or not, the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Jesus’s teaching should always turn our presuppositions on their heads. Break us out of our comfort zones. Get us beyond our normal little boxes that we live in and into the wide and wondrous world God has created.

This particular set of parables does just that. Come to worship this weekend and learn more.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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