Grace and Peace to you my friends!

Yes, my family and I are back from our travels across the southern half of the United States. We have seen a great deal of family, experienced the welcome of other places we call home, and learned in both life and study. I look forward to sharing much of the class from last weekend in the weeks and months to come for it was a joy and a wonder.

Now, this Sunday we will find ourselves in the midst of three particular points of interest for our congregation. The first is that our Session has decided to move our worship center further into the heart of our campus for the next month. Yes, we will be worshipping in our chapel where we can experience the cozy warmth of home and enjoy the delight of fellowship with greater ease during these colder months. Before you ask, yes, we will be in the Sanctuary for the glory and Glorias of Advent & Christmastide. Nevertheless, we on your leadership team here at FPCH feel this is one of the most responsible ways we can be good stewards of our resources and enjoy some heart-warming friendship at the same time.

The second point of interest this weekend marks is the last weekend of calm. Of normalcy. Of nothing much to see here. For once we get into next weekend it will be one big thing after another – from Reformation Sunday through to the Epiphany. Difficult to believe, I know. However, it might be worth coming to worship and enjoying the downtime together.

Finally, this weekend’s passage uses a favorite tac of Jesus’s in his teaching: the juxtaposition of opposites. In this case, in a rather odd move for Luke’s gospel, Christ tells a parable of two people with great power praying before God. And yet, their prayers could not be more of a contrast.

For a gospel that spends the majority of its time focusing on the lowest of the low and how God is always seeking to raise them up, this parable takes time to ponder the question: when you have what you need, how will you come before God? And the question beyond it: once you do, what will you do with all God has given you?

It should be a fascinating look into God’s own heart, as well as an opportunity for all of us to dive deep into our own walks of faith. Can’t wait to see you in worship!

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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