We are on the downward slope everybody – raise those hands high. Keep your eyes open. It’s perfectly fine to whoop!

Seriously though, we are in that final countdown before the big day. Which means that this weekend, the fourth Sunday in Advent, brings with it a service focused on one of everyone’s favorite annual traditions: the Children’s Nativity Play!

Now, as of today, we have twenty-three of our children and youth who will be retelling the story of God’s arrival in Bethlehem from the prophet’s foretelling through Magi’s gifts. It will weave together the stories of Luke and Matthew, as they share how the people prepared for God’s coming, along with the basis for the beloved Christmas hymn, Joy to the World – Psalm 98. It should be a fun time for all!

And even better, we get to sing a whole lot of first verses of favorite carols to help our young actors along!

The real question to ponder for all of us is: have we prepared some room in our hearts for our God to take up residence? What if it means life will change? But what if it means something wonderful?

Come to worship and support our young people as they help us all to look at the story of the Christ-child’s birth with new eyes!

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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