This past weekend we began a short sermon series on Jesus’s “Farewell Address” in the gospel of John – that long sermon the Christ gives on the last night of his life while at table with his closest disciples.

We began with some of his most famous sayings – first with the mansion filled with many rooms, closely followed by the way to the Father. And the biggest reminder that every scholar and wise theologian will tell you is that this speech was given and written down not for the masses but for the faithful. It is meant for those who already know Jesus and who are seeking to follow more closely to God through the difficulties that lie along the path of this earthly life.

This week, we delve further into the thick of it as Christ promises the arrival of our greatest Help. Rather than leaving us wandering in the dark without a hand to hold, Jesus promises that we will not be orphaned and that he is coming to us… in the form of another. In this case, the Paraclete. Great word. Little scary outside the academic world though.

Paraclete is Greek for someone who is called to come alongside someone else. More simply our helper or counselor. The One who carries on.

Oh what a promise.

This is the third and most elusive member of the Trinity. Or perhaps it is better to say the most far-reaching and all-encompassing member.

This is the Breath of God who brooded over the waters at the beginning of creation.

This is the Wind that gave life to the still small voice Elijah heard.

This is the Love that unites the Lover and the Beloved that have lived from all eternity.

And this is the One who is with us.


Wherever you feel God’s presence, the Spirit is certainly close.

See you soon.

Blessings, Pastor Janie

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